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Jeezy Wants Custody Hearing, Accuses Jeannie Mai Of ‘Gatekeeping’ Their Daughter

The Atlanta rapper feels a hearing would “serve to protect the Child’s welfare, reduce strife between the parties, and help move this case to a final resolution.”

After filing for divorce from his wife, Jeannie Mai, in September, hip-hop entrepreneur Jeezy has a new title for his soon-to-be former wife: “Gatekeeper.”

According to People, Jay Wayne Jenkins, otherwise known as Jeezy, has gone to court and asked a judge for a hearing to set “clearly defined” temporary legal and physical custody rights as the couple goes through their divorce. The “Soul Survivor” lyricist has complained that Mai has been acting as a “gatekeeper” of their daughter, Monaco.

The papers were filed Thursday, Nov. 30, in Fulton County. He is asking the judge to “address temporary custodial arrangements,” according to documents obtained by People.

Jeezy stated the couple has agreed to a visitation schedule through the end of the year, but the situation is “becoming increasingly less feasible.

“The lack of consistency, continuity, and stability inherently associated with such a haphazard and fluid parenting time schedule is stressful to the Child (Monaco), and it has, as is unfortunately inevitable with all families in transition, created unnecessary tension and confusion regarding not only parenting time but also in regard to each parent’s role and rights when the Child is in their respective custody,” the document read.

According to the documents, a custody hearing would “serve to protect the child’s welfare, reduce strife between the parties, and help move this case to a final resolution.”

Last month, the Atlanta rapper had a sitdown with actress Nia Long to discuss the relationship he had with Mai. After being married for two years and going to therapy to save his marriage, he said, “God has put me on a different path.”

The pair met each on the set of the talk show Mai co-hosted, The Real, in 2018 and started dating shortly after that. Three years later, on March 27, 2021, they married in a private ceremony. Monaco was born Jan. 11, 2022.

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