Motivation 101: Jeezy Is ‘Most Profitable’ In His Business Endeavors

Jeezy is making a name for himself outside of hip-hop and is cashing in on all his avenues of success. In an interview with Forbes New Money, he spoke about his vast portfolio and his most lucrative business venture.

He spoke in the interview series about how his business pursuits and investments have been quite profitable, the most being in the adult beverage industry.

“I would say my business endeavors are the most profitable,” said the artist.

“I have a steakhouse, a spirits company; I’ve built and solid spirits. I don’t know if you know about Avión tequila. Shoutout to my partner, Ken Austin. We basically built it up, sold it to Pernod Ricard, which is probably one of the biggest deals of the year on the low.”


He elaborated on his latest acquisition of a new spirit based in France and an athletic drink he hopes a major brand will invest in.

His business model is to never associate himself with a company or product in which he does not have equity. However, regarding revealing his full mindset when it comes to picking new ventures, Jeezy is keeping his lips shut.

“I can’t give it all up, but what they do know. You feel me? My uncle always told me don’t let ya right hand know what ya left hand doin’,” shared the father of four.

Nowadays, Jeezy’s professional and personal life has been on the rise, as he welcomed a daughter in January 2022 with his wife, Jeannie Mai. Mai is a television personality and stylist whom he married in 2021.

The family celebrated their patriarch’s success with his memoir Adversity for Sale becoming a New York Times Best-seller.



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Calling it a “remarkable milestone,” Mai cheered on her husband as he continues to expand his interests to much achievement.

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