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Jeezy Says His High-End Atlanta Restaurant Went Downhill After He Announced He Owned It

Rapper Jeezy says the luxury restaurant he once owned went downhill after he announced he owned it during a radio interview.

Jeezy, promoting his new book, Adversity For Sale: Ya Gotta Believe, appeared on The Daily Cannon Morning Show, where he recalled the Atlanta high-end steakhouse he owned called American Cut.

“Probably one of the nicest steakhouses there,” Jeezy told Nick Cannon. “It had three stories, beautiful. It was like my best-kept secret.”

“I remember when Nas was on tour and he stopped by and he was like ‘Yo, you own this? This is crazy,’” he continued.

The “Thug Motivation” rapper initially kept his ownership of American Cut private. But he let the cat out of the bag when he appeared on a local radio station.

That’s when things went left, according to Jeezy, and the community turned his luxury eatery into a local hangout spot.

“I went back there you would have thought it was Freaknik,” he said.

“It started going down. You go over there to eat and you start seeing cats you used to hustle with. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ You go up the stairs and they’re trying to smoke weed and I’m like, ‘Man, what we doing?’”

Those who watched the clip expressed their disappointment in Jeezy’s peers ruining a lucrative business venture that would’ve helped strengthen Atlanta’s local economy and add Black ownership to the luxury restaurant market.

“Sometimes you gotta keep certain things a secret,” one person wrote in response.

“They bogus for ruining that man restaurant. Who tf would go into any restaurant, and flame up a blunt?”

“Hard pill to swallow but not everyone deserves to be in your life,” added someone else.

“None of these ppl had his best interest at heart. Living off “you used to be this way” nah get outta here with that.”

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