Jemele Hill Calls Out New England Patriots’ Draft Pick For Tattoo Linked to White Supremacy

Jemele Hill Calls Out New England Patriots’ Draft Pick For Tattoo Linked to White Supremacy

Sports commentator and contributing writer Jemele Hill has an issue with the New England Patriots’ recent draft pick who sports a white supremacist tattoo, according to BET.

This past weekend, during the National Football League‘s annual draft, The New England Patriots selected kicker Justin Rohrwasser in the fifth round. The New York native has a tattoo of the logo for Three Percenters, a far-right militia movement and paramilitary group that primarily advocates for gun ownership rights and limiting the federal government’s involvement in local affairs. He claims he received the tattoo as a teenager and didn’t know at the time what the logo stood for and has plans now to cover the tattoo.

“Obviously, it evolved into something that I do not want to represent and when I look back at it, I should have done way more research before I put any mark or symbol on my body,” Rohrwasser told USA Today. “It is not something I ever want to represent, so it will be covered.”

Rohrwasser told reporters on a conference call that he will cover the logo, which has Roman numerals III surrounded by stars. Rohrwasser claimed he believed that the organization stood for support of the U.S. military when he got the tattoo as a teenager. He said he wishes he had done some research before he got the tattoo.


After discovering that Rohrwasser was drafted by the New England Patriots, Hill took to Twitter to bring attention to the issue of him supporting a racist organization and even shared a thread outlining Rohrwasser’s social media history of supporting other white supremacist content and extreme right-wing personalities.

The just-drafted kicker has since deleted his Twitter account that showed the racist rhetoric that he liked and commented on.