Jemele Hill Corrects False Reports That Her Podcast Was Canceled

People honestly just love to talk for the sake of hearing themselves speak. A rumor hit Beyonce’s internet that Jemele Hill had lost her podcast deal with Spotify, Finurah reported. However, Hill herself had to correct the false news. 

In a Tweet sent out late Friday night, Hill commented that “A lot of what’s been reported just isn’t true. My podcast hasn’t been canceled.” Hill has been with Spotify since November 2022 through her ‘Unbothered’ Network deal where she kicked off with two podcasts led by Black women.

While there are many whispers that the business partners are in talks of re-working their contract, there have been no confirmations that the two parties have decided to go their separate ways. Hill also made a point to dispel any myths around how much money she asked from Spotify, stating, “I never asked Spotify for $100M. This shit is truly comical.” 

Surely, no one is mad at Hill deciding to put an end to all the rumors surrounding her deal with Spotify. In fact, many might expect this from the witty journalist. The commentator is known for her strong stance and putting topics and people in perspective. BLACK ENTERPRISE recently covered an incident where Hill put Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy in his place for talking reckless about LSU student and NCAA basketball champion Angel Reese. Portnoy referred to Reese as a “classless piece of sh*t.” 

A swift response soon followed via tweet: “So I’m going to pick this fight. Fuck you.”

Hill’s tweet was followed by a litany of defenses for Reese from other notable names in sports, including Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen A  Smith, and Los Angeles Lakers player Lebron James.

Now that the air has been cleared, we’re look forward to seeing what Hill has in store with her podcasts.

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