Jeremiah Fennell Named ‘Newest and Cutest’ Sports Commentator After Interview Goes Viral

There’s a new sports commentator on the sidelines and he’s much cuter than the ones seen on Sundays.

His name is Jeremiah Fennell and he is taking the internet by storm with his adorable reporting skills. At just 10 years old, the Las Vegas native is making strides in the sports world. As a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Fennell told the EGOT winner how his journey started because his parents told him he might not be able to play sports. “It all started when I was 4 years old because I was told through my parents that I might not be able to play contact sports because I have a brain defect and detached shoulder bone,” Fennell told Hudson.

Like many Gen Z kids, he asked his mom to start a YouTube channel to “hone his craft in journalism and broadcasting.” His mom didn’t initially like the idea, but after the young reporter remained on the honor roll, she gave him the blessing and Today reported he started the channel in 2020. It wouldn’t be like any other channel – his focus would be the former Oakland Raiders, now known as the Las Vegas Raiders.

Fennell told Hudson the Raiders always have a “special place in my heart” so he decided he wanted to commentate on the games. His wish finally came true.

The NFL team allowed the aspiring journalist to interview Raiders wide receiver, Devante Adams. After posting the interview on the team’s official Twitter page, he’s being called the “newest and cutest reporter,” as the video has been viewed over seven million times. The team even invited him as their guest to Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The New York Post reported that Fennell’s interview was praised for his professionalism at such a young age. Fennell said he has his parents to thank for that, saying they “lead by example.”

“They definitely helped me to become the man that I am right now and the man that I will be in the future,” Fennell said.