Comedian Jess Hilarious Exposes Master P, Says She’s Still Waiting on Money from the Rapper

There’s no free labor for this Hollywood comedian.

During a morning appearance on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday, actress and comedian Jess Hilarious exposed rapper and producer Master P for allegedly still owing her $15,000 from a previous project.

According to The Breakfast Club interview, she discussed her time working with the No Limit founder on the movie I Got The Hook-Up 2, which she claimed to have been on set for 13 hours, shooting two scenes. The comedian continued to reveal that she was only paid for one scene.

“That man will talk a good game to you, like even with me, I Got The Hook-Up, I’m still owed some bread for that, I’m not gonna lie to you,” she explained. “I did two scenes. He thought you used one scene, you don’t gotta pay for both of them. No, I stayed there 13 hours to do two scenes.”

Jess Hilarious said the 2019 film was a combination of skits, sharing that she charged $15,000 for each one and only got paid for half of her work.

Master P entered the hot seat with Jess after his name was brought up in conversation regarding his podcast comment on his efforts to push a law preventing artists from negatively criticizing him and his business decisions.

In I Got The Hook-Up 2, which was released 20 years after the original, Jess Hilarious acts alongside celebrities that include Master P, the late A.J. Johnson, D.C. Young Fly, and others.

The comedian isn’t the only one who had unresolved differences with the producer.

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Master P and his son Romeo Miller recently reconciled after publicly airing their family issues in a back-and-forth battle on social media last year. After sending condolences out for the death of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Miller was triggered because of his father’s lack of support towards his late daughter, Tytyana Miller.