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Not Jilly From Philly! Jill Scott Shaded After Celebrating Chris Brown’s ‘Amazing’ Talent

Jill Scott is under fire for celebrating Chris Brown's talent despite his violent past.

After defending Chris Brown and praising his talent, Jill Scott became a trending topic over the weekend for all the wrong reasons.

On Friday, Chris Brown tossed his hat in the ring of rap beef when he dropped a scathing diss track against Quavo of the Migos. His lyrics on the “Weakest Link” song see Brown taking shots at Quavo’s past relationship with Saweetie and even a low blow at the death of Takeoff.

Most social media platforms talked about the track and how shocked they were by Brown’s vicious subject matter. However, among those who were moved by Brown’s diss track was singer Jill Scott. The songstress sent out a tweet on Sunday that celebrated Brown’s talent as a singer, dancer, actor, and rapper.

“@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT?” she wrote.

“Beyond gifted. It appears exceptional people have to go through exceptional 🔥. There’s nothing to debate.”

While Scott’s post was all about love, she received hate from some who were bothered by her praise of Brown, considering his violent past. Instead of ignoring the shade, she responded to one X user who said, “The women he’s abused would disagree.” According to the “Golden” singer, Brown’s abusive past is no different than her former step-father who abused her mother but was still beloved in the community for his work in construction.

“I doubt it. My Mother’s ex-husband was a mean, violent human, AND he could lay foundation better than anyone in my city,” she wrote in response. “What he did with cement was awe-inspiring. We got away. He got a raise and praise for his ability. God dealt with the rest.”

Scott went into more detail on how she chooses to view Brown after another X user scolded the “Wall to Wall” singer for having “so many domestic abuse cases it’s ridiculous we can’t look past that.”

“I love you too. I’m not here to fight anyone else’s battles. If/since women hear the stories, they should avoid that street,” she wrote. “Running backward in moving traffic makes zero sense. Therapy for every damn body.”

She also agreed when one person said Brown’s diss track was “too personal” and “too low.” In a separate tweet, Scott explained how she practices forgiveness and doesn’t judge people on their mistakes and transgressions.

“Look. Years of prayer, therapy, self-reflection, and making every effort to keep my feet on the ground has made me compassionate for other human beings,” she wrote. “People go through 💩 and do terrible 💩. We say we believe in God and pray for enlightenment. We ARE a living testimony.”


But the damage was already done, and Jilly From Philly was criticized on X by users who were turned off by her praise of Brown.

Scott returned to X on Monday, April 22, to respond to the backlash and maintain her stance on practicing love rather than hate.

“Walked away, came back, googled, read tweets, listened to friends & considered the state of us as a whole,” she wrote. “Some, lead with love ( YOU gave me perspectives to consider & directive. THANK YOU ). Some [of] you ONLY want the highs of war. You may have your war.”