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Daughter of Jim Brown Files Lawsuit, Claiming His Will Is Invalid

Kimberly Brown, the daughter of late NFL legend Jim Brown, claims that her father’s extreme chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) makes his will and trust invalid.

RadarOnline reports she petitioned the courts to negate his current will, saying he was unfit leading up to his death. The famed athlete and civil rights activist died of natural causes in May at 87.

Kimberly Brown called out her stepmother, Monique Brown, for allowing her father to sign the documents in 2016 without his full capacity or knowledge of what he was agreeing to. According to Kimberly Brown, her father was dealing with a combination of cognitive decline, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease at the time. Because of this, he was not capable of making his own decisions for his best interest.

Kimberly Brown is one of his three children from his first marriage to Sue Jones, and one of his five children overall.

Sharing more insight into her father’s mental decline, Kimberly Brown details how she noticed his consistent confusion as well as an inability to formulate sentences during some conversations as well. Her stepmother, in the years leading up to his death, became the sole executor over his estate. Upon his passing, Monique Brown became owner of his $7.5 million Los Angeles home.

However, Kimberly Brown claims that her father was not in total agreement with the move, and that he would often speak in code so his wife wouldn’t overhear their conversations. Kimberly Brown also stated that he wanted to leave mementos to his children, which they have yet to receive.

As a result, she is urging the courts to revoke her stepmother’s ownership of the home and to void his will and trust and rightfully establish what she views as his actual final wishes. What those are, however, have yet to be disclosed.

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