Job Hopping Expected: 5 Industries Where It’s the Norm

Job Hopping Expected: 5 Industries Where It’s the Norm

It was typically the norm for Baby Boomers to hold jobs at companies for years, but today’s market has seen a body of workers that jumps from job to job and position to position, either exploring their options or forced to do so due to layoffs and unemployment.

Some industries lend more to job hopping than others, and recent research breaks down information on these industries. Check out findings from a recent CareerBuilder survey on employers and their expectations:

Information technology (IT), an industry with highly competitive salaries, a disparity when it comes to minorities and women, and far-reaching recruitment, has the largest percentage of employers who expect workers to job-hop at 42%.

2. Leisure & Hospitality — 41%

3. Transportation — 37%

4. Retail — 36%

5. Manufacturing — 32%

CareerBuilder’s findings also show 43% of employers won’t consider a candidate who’s had short tenures with several employers, but others acknowledge the perks of hiring people who have worked for numerous companies. More than half (53%) of employers said job-hoppers tend to have a wide range of expertise, and they can adapt quickly (51%).