College Courses that Boost Your Job Marketability

Bring on the Knowledge: 5 College Courses That Add to Your Job Marketability

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Many people who have gone to college find themselves choosing different professions when thrust into the working world. In some cases they find that the degree they had gone in debt for, and dedicated time to is just collecting dust. Although this is the reality for some people there are college courses that translate well into the working world and should be incorporated into any major. Brazen Careerist highlights the 4 classes you should not be without.

1. Economics
All you need is one class. If your college breaks the topic into macroeconomics and microeconomics, sign up for micro; it has more use in a variety of careers. You’ll gain basic knowledge about the role of price, value and cost–economic principles that will enhance not just your career but your life.

2. Statistics
It’s not just for mathematicians. Art gallery managers, retail clerks, non-profit executives and state senators need to be comfortable analyzing and interpreting numbers.  In short, knowing how to work with numbers is helpful for any career–and your life, too.

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