No Bueno: 10 Job-Seeking Mistakes Recent Grads Should Avoid

No Bueno: 10 Job-Seeking Mistakes Recent Grads Should Avoid

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The job search process right after college can be scary for many young professionals whether they know what dream job they want or not. With thousands of other students graduating around the same time the job market competition can be extremely tough to say the least and it’s imperative that each candidate puts their best foot forward when looking for employment. While many recent grads think they know the ins and outs of the job searching process, there are several common mistakes that The Work Buzz warns all college grads to avoid:

1. Not reading in detail the job description and application instructions: When searching for a job, the job description is your first look into what a position will entail, the culture of a company and what they expect of their employees. Overlooking the details of a job description or the details of the application, which outlines the materials you should submit, what your subject line should be and other instructions for the applicant to follow, will give employer’s the impression that you’re not detail-oriented and you lack the ability to follow simple directions.

2. Selling yourself short: With many entry-level positions requiring candidates to have a minimum of one to two years of experience, many recent grads automatically assume their qualifications don’t match up which often times is not the case. Those experience years to employers also include any internship experiences, and sometimes community work, because they show leadership abilities and if they’re related to the job you’re applying to it shows that you have prior knowledge of what’s expected from workers in that field.

3. Not proofreading submitted materials: Spelling and grammatical errors can be one of the easiest job searching mistakes to avoid if you take the time out to pay close attention to every detail in your cover letter and resume. In addition to you proofreading your own work several times, it’s always good to also get a second set of eyes that you trust to look over your materials and make sure there aren’t any errors that you forgot to catch. The information you submit in an application is the employer’s first impression of you so you want to be sure it’s a good one.

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