Outstanding: 10 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression

Outstanding: 10 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression

Making strides to join the job force is not the easiest thing. There is a lot of competition that makes it difficult to acquire a position or even change careers. If you have been discouraged during your job search and would like to bolster your chances now is the time to step up to the job search. Brazen Careerist lists 10 ways that you can stand out in the crowd of job seekers.

1. Garner a reputation.
Remember in high school, when your extracurricular activities were the key to getting noticed by colleges? The same principle applies here.

Get involved in your community. Volunteer for causes that are meaningful to you. Build a name for yourself and make your face known. Not only could it make a difference at the interview table, but it could create unforeseen networking opportunities down the road.

2. Learn a language.
The modern workplace has become ever more diverse and multilingual, and broadening your language skills can only increase your value to a potential employer.

A second (or third) language not only sets you apart from the crowd; it also broadens the scope of where you can work. Learn to speak Spanish or take a course in another language that could be useful in your chosen field. If you already know another language, take the time to brush up while you’re on the job hunt.

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