Joe Biden Enlists Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, and Jeezy For ‘Get Out The Vote’ Ad

As the presidential elections draw closer, the Biden-Harris campaign is enlisting help from celebrity supporters and friends to encourage people to vote in November. Recently, Biden unveiled his new ad campaign, featuring music superstars Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, and Young Jeezy.

“Our campaign is focused on meeting voters where they are with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ message to build back better,” said Kamau Marshall, director of strategic communications for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election. “These events and new GOTV ads with various influencers reach a critical audience of Black voters that we’re hoping to turn out this election.”

The new “Get Out The Vote” campaign will target Black voters in key swing states with 60-second commercial spots to run from now until the election. “It is really really important to make sure people don’t sit at home,” Dupri tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There are a lot of people I know that are still on the fence about voting, period.”

The campaign will also include a new panel series called “Shop Talk” to address the issues facing Black men in the U.S. Some of the guest speakers include actor Don Cheadle, Terrence J, and singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton.

“If there wasn’t a pandemic in place, the campaign would be in barbershops across the country, we would be there in person, talking to people, touching people’s hands, and having this dialogue,” Terrence J tells The Hollywood Reporter, adding that the dialogues the campaign put together are the next best thing. “For me, these conversations are incredible.”

“We need all we can get to change the narrative, to change the situation of the United States of America,” said Anthony Hamilton to The Hollywood Reporter. “I want to be as loud as I can, as visible as I can. Whether it be speaking, singing, whatever I can do to bring people to a comfortable spot of acceptance.”