Joe Biden Receives Record-Breaking Donations During Contentious Presidential Debate

The presidential debate may not have pleased a lot of people, but it pleased enough supporters to donate a record-breaking amount of money to Former Vice President Joe Biden‘s campaign according to Fox News.

After the contentious presidential debate with President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, Biden’s campaign announced that another fundraising milestone was achieved that evening. Between the hours of 10 and 11 p.m., the campaign raised $3.8 million, breaking its record for the amount raised in a single hour, according to a Twitter post by Rob Flaherty.

“There was one leader on stage tonight and one liar,” said Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield.

“There was one president on the debate stage tonight and it was not the person who flew in on Air Force One,” Bedingfield said during a post-debate phone call with political reporters. “Joe Biden demonstrated the leadership and temperament that Americans around the country are looking for.”

She also said that “President Trump was desperate and weak and angry. He’s losing the race and tonight he lost his temper. At one point even (debate moderator) Chris Wallace conceded that you could not follow Trump’s nonsensical ranting.”

As reported by Politico, from 9 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday, the Biden campaign was able to bring in nearly $10 million from approximately 215,000 donors, including more than 60,000 who were new contributors to the campaign, according to a Biden campaign official. Nearly 100,000 signed up to volunteer for the Biden campaign during the debate, as well.

The Biden campaign has outraised and outspent Trump, surpassing the incumbent president in cash by $141 million, according to Federal Elections Commission filings released earlier this month. In August, Biden raised a record-shattering $365 million, topping Trump’s total by $154 million.