Joe Biden Wins 2020 Election, Becomes 46th President, Kamala Harris Becomes First Black Female Vice President

Joe Biden Wins 2020 Election, Becomes 46th President, Kamala Harris Becomes First Black Female Vice President

Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, meaning the days of  Donald Trump as president are coming to an end.

Kamala Harris has made history as the first African American woman elected to become the nation’s vice president.

Biden won a bevy of states on both coasts including California, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, New York and Maine, but it was the battleground states that carried Biden.

The former Vice President flipped Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania, which voted Democrat for the first time since 1992. Many of these states Trump criticized during his time in office.

Trump constantly attacked Michigan Governor Gretchen Withmer for her coronavirus-related lockdowns and many looked at Trump when the FBI announced it arrested members of an alleged plot  to kidnap Whitmer. Trump also spent years attacking former Arizona Senator John McCain, who served the state from 1987 to 2018, and consistently poked former Senator Jeff Flake who served as a United States Senator in the state from 2013 to 2019.

Another reason Biden can claim victory is Black Americans who turned out in droves to vote for him in Republican states with large Democratic-led cities such as Detroit, and Philadelphia.

90% percent of Black women voted for the former vice president, however for the third consecutive election Democratic support for Black men has fallen as Biden received 80% of the vote by Black men.

In comparison, Hilary Clinton received 82 percent of the Black male vote in 2016. In Obama’s first presidential campaign, 95 percent of Black male voters and 96 percent of Black women chose him. Four years later, Black women gave Obama the same support for Obama’s 2012 re-election, while the figure for Black men dropped to 87 percent.

For Trump, the loss is going to be hard to deal with because he lost the election largely duw to his own actions. Trump went from a virtual lock for reelection at the beginning of 2020 to people standing in line for more than eight hours to vote him out of office because of his inability to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

In February, Trump went from denying the virus existed to saying it would have minimal impact, but by mid-March, he was announcing that 200,000 people will die. Since the pandemic hit the U.S., more than 236,00 people have died from the virus, the U.S. economy is in tatters and the unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7% in April and now sits at 6.9% today.