Join The .Art Revolution with a .Art Web Domain

Join The .Art Revolution with a .Art Web Domain


With her bold, eye-catching black-and-white line drawings, the work artist Shantell Martin fashions from her ink markers is unmistakable. And when she decided on a digital showcase for her work online, the British-born New Yorker finally settled on setting up shop at

As one of the first artists to launch a .ART domain after the platform opened in 2017, Martin said the new frontiers of the art world were part of her reasoning for starting in the upstart domain. “People have a more digital presence than five years ago,” she said. “The definition of ‘being online’ has changed immensely, and now this encompasses AR, Discord, NFTs, etc. It’s so many more things than it used to be.”

Martin is one of nearly 220,000 creative artists and artistic organizations who have joined the .ART movement, launching websites under the domain serving as a new creative community for visionary artists, fashion designers, photographers, graphic artists, and more.

The distinctive .ART name offers instant brand identity for any artist, allowing their work to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with established artists like Martin. It also creates a simpler, easier way to be found online by customers, admirers, and fellow artists.

In addition to the uniqueness of a .ART domain extension, it’s practical, too. With more than 150 million registered .com websites in that over-saturated space, .ART gives artists a chance to land some of their first-choice domain names, improving their search results and making it easier for others to remember.

And unlike a .com website, joining .ART has its privileges as well. Securing a .ART domain gives new site owners a handful of marketing tools to help elevate their brand, including a free website builder, access to cool visual display elements like galleries, and a .ART email address for fielding all your business correspondence.

Right now, you can join the .ART revolution by heading to the .ART flagship store or another web registrar, searching for the perfect domain name, then securing the rights to your future site home. While some premium search-term names are available at an extra price, most .ART domain names are on sale for just $9.95 a year.


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