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Jonathan Major’s Ex Flees Courtroom After Videos Shown: ‘This Is Going To Make Me Sick’

Jonathan Majors' ex Grace Jabbari was overcome with emotion after a video of the alleged assault played in the court room.

Jonathan Majors’ ex, Grace Jabbari, was overcome with emotion multiple times during her testimony after a video of the alleged assault was played in court.

Jabbari and Majors were back in court on Thursday, Dec. 7, as the actor’s attorney repeatedly played a surveillance video showing the actor lift her and thrust her into the vehicle, AP News reports. It was the fourth day of the high-profile trial, and video evidence was used to undermine Jabbari’s testimony that her head slammed into the vehicle’s doorframe when she was thrown back into the car.

“I really don’t want to watch it again,” Jabbari said through tears. “This is going to make me sick.”

Majors was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting Jabbari in the back of a chauffeured car. Jabbari claims Majors struck her on the side of the head and fractured her middle finger after she confronted him about a text message he received from another woman.

Prosecutors claim that, after exiting the vehicle, Majors threw Jabbari “like a football” back into the car. Majors’ legal team attempted to dispute the claims by playing zoomed-in surveillance footage.

“There were multiple pushes, multiple injuries,” Jabbari said, noting Majors’ alleged “violent temper” throughout their two-year relationship.

Jabbari fled the courtroom in tears when forced to watch police body camera footage from her initial conversation with police.

She could be heard sobbing while Majors sat at the defense table looking down. She returned a few moments later and apologized for her outburst. She begged the court not to rewatch the footage.

Majors’ legal team went on to play surveillance footage from inside a nightclub Jabbari attended the same night of the attack where she was seen drinking and dancing despite the “excruciating” pain she claims to have suffered as a result of Majors’ attack.

Jabbari claims she didn’t want to be alone following the attack and ventured off to Loosie’s nightclub, where she bought a bottle of champagne and a round of shots with new friends she had made.

“I wasn’t focusing on pain. I was just trying to have a nice time,” Jabbari replied. “There were these lovely people there and I felt safe with them.”

Lawyers for Majors questioned how she could lift a champagne bottle and shot glasses with the same hand she claims to have been injured. Jabbari is expected to return to the witness stand for her final day of testimony on Friday, Dec. 8.

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