Jonathan Majors Fights To Maintain His Innocence And Reputation Amid Violent Allegations

Things may not be going too well for actor Jonathan Majors, but he may have one move working in his favor.

On Wednesday, Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, filed documents revealing that the driver who transported the Creed III star and his now former girlfriend witnessed the altercation on the night the alleged domestic attack occurred.

According to TMZ, the driver will testify in court that Majors never hit the woman. Documents revealed the woman attempted to steal the actor’s phone and assaulted him. Majors and Chaudhry claim the driver saw the woman allegedly “hitting, scratching, and attacking” him. They added that the driver stopped the vehicle at Majors’ request so the actor could escape from the woman.

Reportedly, video footage shows the woman was not injured. She allegedly headed to a club and got drunk following the dispute. Chaudhry claims the woman’s complaints are a “lie” and said they have access to hours of surveillance footage and screenshots showing the woman partying hard at the club, using the same hand Majors allegedly injured.

In their version of events, Majors and his attorney say the woman showed up at his apartment around 3 a.m. after her club outing. Majors, who was not home then, received several calls and angry text messages that they described as “jealous” and unrelated to any injury or discomfort. When Majors returned to his home at around 11 a.m., the woman was reportedly lying on his closet floor naked and unconscious. There was vomit in his bed, and the woman told Majors she downed a few sleeping pills. The actor called 911, and the woman told paramedics she was unaware of what had happened.

The New York Police Department said the 30-year-old woman suffered minor injuries to her head and neck and was in stable condition when taken to a hospital. Majors was charged in a criminal complaint alleging he struck the woman in her face with his bare hand and bruised her neck after grabbing her.

Since the domestic violence arrest on March 25, Majors has been pulled from an ad campaign with the U.S. Army, dropped by his management team, Entertainment 360, and uninvited to the Met Gala.