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Jonathan Majors’ Ex Claims He Showed ‘Rage And Aggression’ During Their Relationship

Majors hasn't testified or commented.

Actor Jonathan Majors’ criminal trial over an alleged assault involving his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari started with her recounting what she called his “rage and aggression” during their two-year relationship.

Majors is facing two counts of third-degree assault, one count of second-degree aggravated harassment, and one count of second-degree harassment stemming from the reported altercation in March. The actor, who faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail if found guilty by a Manhattan jury of six, has consistently asserted his innocence from the outset. He officially entered a plea of not guilty to all charges through his legal representation.

Prosecutors gave their opening statements on Dec. 4 to recall the events that led to his alleged assault against Jabbari in New York City in March 2023. Prosecutors claimed the melee started after Majors received a text message from a woman named Cleopatra, People reports.

According to prosecutors, Jabbari, a 30-year-old British dancer, dancer, leaned over Majors’ shoulder and read the text that included a link to D’Angelo’s song “Lady” and Cleopatra’s message saying, “Wish I was kissing you.”

Majors, 34, remained focused on his lap while seated at the defense table.

Jabbari took the stand and cried throughout her testimony, describing the fear she experienced if he was provoked. “His face kind of changes when he gets into that place,” Jabbari told the jury, according to People. “He’s a big guy so you just want to step back.”

Among the evidence presented at trial included a photo Jabbari had taken after the fight with Majors inside his apartment. Jabbari claims the Creed III star was throwing “anything within reaching distance,” including candles, denting a bedroom wall with an object and shattering glass on the floor.

“I took the photo because the shift in his temper was something I was aware of, and I just wanted to remember,” Jabbari said. “I knew I kept forgiving him, but I just wanted to have a bit of a memory of him.”

Majors hasn’t testified and made no comment while going to and from the trial with his girlfriend, actress Meagan Good. He could possibly take the stand in a trial that’s expected to last several weeks.

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