Journey To Adventure

Karl Domangue, 35, never saw himself as an adventurer, but he was a natural competitor. Formerly an investment banker, Domangue looked for opportunities to win bragging rights among his coworkers.

“The environment was so competitive that even our Monday morning water cooler conversations turned into who did the best thing over the weekend, with someone always trying to one-up the other,” he explains. “You already knew that if you stayed home and just watched television, you lost.”

In December 2003, his work-hard-play-harder attitude eventually lured him from water cooler recaps to establishing a business that specializes in adrenaline-rushing adventures.
Today, as president of Extreme Things L.L.C., his adventure club boasts 900 members and more than 3,000 subscribers to the company’s e-newsletter.

Offering more than 65 venturesome experiences, Domangue insists there is something for everyone.

Here are his top five extreme adventure excursions:

  • Canyoneering starts with a mountain hike followed by a rappel alongside breathtaking waterfalls that drop anywhere from 12 to 120 feet. All equipment is provided and instructional and safety lessons are given onsite. The cost is $120 per person for the all-day activity.
  • Formula One Auto Racing provides triple-digit speeds, and your own personal pit crew. All necessary gear is provided and a driver education course is taught beforehand. Prices range from riding shotgun for $129 to having solo control for a specified number of laps, which can run from $399 to $1,999.
  • Shark Diving. Submerged 15 feet below the surface, a steel cage protects you from sharks and other aquatic life. Available only to certified open-water scuba divers, instructional and safety lessons are provided prior to your dive. The cost is $260 for a single day in San Diego or $2,450 per person for a five-day retreat near Guadalupe Island (20 miles south of San Diego) with meals and lodging included.
  • All-Terrain Vehicle.. Tour Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest state park, located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. It is the site for the company’s most popular activity. Riders maneuver through a wilderness of rough terrain, brilliant sandstone formations, sand dunes, and wildlife. The cost for this adventure is $154 for a single-rider; you can pair up in a two-seater for $295.
  • River Kayaking.. Along the Kern River in California, two- or five-day packages are available according to level of expertise and the strength and layout of the water’s rapids. Packages range from $280 to $735, with an all-woman class available. All necessary equipment is included.

For more information on Extreme Things L.C.C. visit its Website at or call 866-831-8314. Gift vouchers are available. Corporate or group services can also be arranged.