Judge Greg Mathis to Parents of Queer Children: ‘Stop Being Cowards’

Judge Greg Mathis proudly supported his son Greg Jr. coming out as gay on their family reality show and now he’s advising parents on how to do the same.

Mathis and his son attended the Better Brothers Los Angeles 9th Annual Truth Awards on Saturday where they were honored by the social organization for Black LGBTQI+ individuals for their contributions to the community.

While there, Judge Mathis sent a message to parents who might be struggling to accept their child being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Stop being cowards,” Mathis told E! News. “You reject because you’re a coward.”

“You’re scared to embrace something that you don’t know or that you’re fearful of, that you’ve heard all nonsensical statements [about],” he continued. “That’s what I say to parents: man up, woman up.”

It was last year when the famed TV judge’s son Greg Mathis Jr., 36, came out publicly as gay on Mathis Family Matters. It’s a moment Judge Mathis, 62, sees as a catalyst for change and awareness of gay rights.

“I read a lot of comments about it on social media and a lot of people have applauded it,” Mathis said. “A lot of people have changed their attitudes and their ways because of our leadership in that area.”

Elsewhere, Judge Mathis shared how “fulfilling” it is to be honored by Better Brothers Los Angeles.

“It was very fulfilling to know that our leadership in the LGBTQ+ community is taken as having an effect, because you don’t receive awards unless you’ve done something that has made a difference,” Mathis shared. “I was glad to know that we’ve made a difference.”

Greg Jr. offered his own advice to queer kids growing up in today’s society.

“That you’re loved and you’re valued and don’t let anybody else tell you differently,” he said.

“I want to use my platform to let them know that. To show that you can live, that you can love, that you can be yourself and that you can live in your truth without fear.”