Judge Joe Brown Contemplates Defamation Lawsuit After Sheryl Lee Ralph Alleged Inappropriate Action From ‘Famous TV Judge’

Last week, after actress Sheryl Lee Ralph accused a “famous TV judge” who “rammed his nasty-ass tongue down” her throat earlier in her career, a former TV judge came out to defend himself, although she never named the judge.

Judge Joe Brown took to his Twitter account after Ralph interviewed with Angela Yee on her Way Up With Angela Yee radio show, recalling when an unnamed judge forcefully kissed her in the mouth earlier in her career.

The Abbott Elementary actress did not mention a name nor description of who she was referring to, but Brown came out to defend himself in a Tweet.

“There’re false rumors being spread that I mistreated a certain lady ≈ 25 yrs ago I categorically deny both the accusations & acquaintance with the lady. Those rumors started with certain identified parties & spread They ought ‘Cease & Desist’ or contemplate a Defamation Action.”

The Abbott Elementary actor appeared last week on Angela Yee’s radio show, Way Up With Angela Yee, recalling a situation that mortified her—sharing her experience with an unwanted advance that studio executives witnessed. She did not go into detail about who, when, or where the incident took place. She did make sure to state that the judge she was referring to was not Judge Greg Mathis.

“I’m at a very public place. I was suited. I had my suit on. I was handling my business for the television show I was on at that time. He and I were on the same network. This man walked in, grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around, and rammed his nasty ass tongue down my throat,” Ralph alleges. “And everybody at the network saw it.”

She also stated that she reached out to the then-mayor of New Orleans, Marc Morial, and he suggested calling the police, but a network executive stopped her.

“Somebody at the network tapped me on the shoulder; they said, ‘Please don’t,’” Ralph recalled. “Do you know that they did not want any bad press around their show and did not care what had just happened to me?”

As she continued speaking about the incident, she said the executives told her it “wasn’t really that bad.”

“That’s the kind of stuff that happens. That’s what happens; that’s what makes it hard for women to speak up about these things.”