Judge Mathis Is Used To Cameras In Court, Now The Cameras Will Be On His Family

Judge Mathis Is Used To Cameras In Court, Now The Cameras Will Be On His Family

Judge Greg Mathis‘ court show has been nothing short of a success. The Emmy Award-winning show is heading into its 23rd season and is in production for season 24, which will air in the fall.

Mathis is the long-running African American male host on television. But the former Michigan District Court Judge is embarking on a new adventure with his children who are moving closer to home after establishing successful careers.

MATHIS FAMILY MATTERS — Pictured: “Mathis Family Matters” Key Art — (Photo by: E! Entertainment)

Mathis Family Matters is set to debut on E! this Father’s Day, June 19, at 9:30 p.m. EST. Cameras will follow the Judge and his wife, Linda, as they navigate two of their adult children moving back to Los Angeles to all find their way and join the rest of the family. Judge Mathis has had great success helping others, but when it comes to his own family, his opinions and being an “expert on everything” sometimes falls flat as he helps to guide his children through adulthood.

Dad as he is known at home, will try to help daughters Jade and Camara Mathis Webb, and sons Greg Mathis, Jr., and Amir Mathis navigate their successful careers.

The firstborn, Jade is a jet-setter moving between both coasts, as she decides if her dreams of being a full-time motivational speaker outweigh her career in law. Camara can do no wrong in the eyes of the judge, and with the nickname, “Mother Mathis” is balancing being a mom and her career in law with her husband, Ryan and her two daughters Nora and Zara.

In between, they’ll be laughter, tears, drama, and the views and opinions of a positive Black family, according to the judge.

“Well, you’ll certainly see the same personality, someone who likes to have fun as I do on the bench and the humor and entertainment factor, “Mathis told BLACK ENTERPRISE.”

They’ll also see the advice and wisdom that I try to share. But what you’ll see is a total rejection of the advice and wisdom and everything that goes along with not having to deal with dad.”

Jade, who is moving closer to home after years of being on her own, has had to adjust to living on the West Coast and closer to her family. One of those adjustments includes dropping a bad habit.

“It is going to be a bit different being in the same state as my family all the time because now I have to answer the phone,” Jade told BLACK ENTERPRISE. I’m the queen of ghosting everybody but I appreciate making up for the time that I’ve been gone.”

Like any other family, the Mathis family has its fair share of disagreements, especially when deciding what to eat, but they always work through them with understanding and love.

“You know the thing is we have our disagreements but it’s not about bickering, It’s about understanding that we’re all individuals and giving people their space to develop,” Linda said. “We all view things our way and even if you don’t agree it’s always done respectfully and lovingly.

Greg Jr. and his long-term boyfriend, Elliott are busy working on multiple real estate ventures, and as they take their relationship to the next level they struggle with sharing their true bond with the world. The youngest, Amir, is building his own production empire, and after a recent divorce, has jumped right back into another serious relationship causing his siblings’ concern.

Judge Mathis told Black Enterprise he wants to use his show to continue defeating the stereotypes around the Black family by showcasing his—a successful, ambitious, educated tight-knit group that laughs and loves.

“We want folks to walk away saying there’s a Black family of professionals who love each other and who all fight to overcome their obstacles just like any other everyday family,” Mathis said. “We want folks to know that you can succeed above and beyond your obstacles because that’s what most families question.”