R. Kelly Ordered To Sit For Videotaped Deposition By Man Suing Singer For Sleeping With His Wife

R. Kelly Ordered To Sit For Videotaped Deposition By Man Suing Singer For Sleeping With His Wife

After being found guilty of sex trafficking on all charges brought against him in a recent court case, the trials and tribulations of embattled R & B singer R. Kelly continue.

According to Radar Online, in a case that was placed on hold due to his previous trial, Kelly has been ordered to take part in a videotaped deposition while he is in jail. He is accused of breaking up a marriage of a sheriff from Mississippi. The disgraced singer will have to respond to questions under oath over allegations that he was the reason the couple broke up.

According to court documents, a judge has signed off on allowing Kenny Bryant to visit the 12 Play singer at a jailhouse for his lawsuit. Bryant has been waiting for more than three years for this chance to speak to Kelly about the merits of this case. He filed a lawsuit against Kelly before the recent criminal charges against the singer were filed. Bryant had been attempting to depose Kelly, but the courts put his case on hold while the criminal case occurred.

Bryant filed the lawsuit in 2018, accusing the disgraced singer of having an affair with his now-former wife, Asia Childress. A person in Mississippi can sue someone else for interfering with one’s marriage.

Bryant married Childress in 2012.

In the lawsuit, he stated that he was aware that Childress and Kelly had a previous relationship before, but Childress claimed that it was over. Bryant says the marriage was fine until Kelly started showing up again. He states that Kelly had an “intimate extramarital affair” with Childress beginning in October 2012. After performing a show near them, Kelly and Childress allegedly reconnected.

Bryant claims his former wife had an affair with Kelly for five years, and during that time, Kelly gave her chlamydia. Bryant says Childress ended up divorcing him, so he is suing Kelly for “depriving him of his spouse.” The suit seeks unspecified damages for the alleged emotional and psychological pain.