Jumpstart a Real Estate Management Career With This $30 Training Bundle

If you’ve been contemplating a career in real estate, start pursuing your goals today with a well-rounded education on the subject. The Ultimate Property & Real Estate Management Training Bundle is a seven-course, 85-lesson deep dive into the thriving field of real property management, available for under $30. 

To start, gain the skills and knowledge you need to manage real estate, invest in property, and bring in revenue. Start with a step-by-step guide to probate real estate investment with information on how to dominate the niche probate market. Kickstart a career in the property sector with a course on building relationships with landlords, dealing with different types of tenants, and more. 

What you will learn

You’ll be able to boost your knowledge of this sector from the financial, buying, and development sides. Study up on real estate agent skills with a jam-packed one-hour course on choosing properties, managing client expectations, and more. Furthermore, the Construction Cost Estimation course highlights deep insights from industry experts. 

Also, hone in on your hotel management skill-set with lessons in this lucrative field to optimize your potential hotel revenue. Prepare for a role as a housing manager or officer in social housing settings focused on maintaining and managing. 

Finally, this seven-course bundle is a great way to scope out your areas of interest in real estate management. Enjoy the expert-taught Ultimate Property & Real Estate Management Training Bundle from the comfort of your own home at a 97% discount for only $29.99.

Prices subject to change.