Kandi Burruss Reveals Xscape’s Accountant ‘Disappeared With All Our Money’

There are always stories about artists getting jerked for their money, particularly at the start of their careers. Recently, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, recalled the time when it happened to her.

Burruss started her career as a songwriter and member of the R&B group, Xscape. While sitting down with former NFL player, Shannon Sharpe for his Club Shay Shay podcast, she revealed that when the group started out, they signed a contract that wasn’t for much money.

“It wasn’t a lot of money for the first deal,” Burruss told Sharpe. “We were just going along with whatever we were told to do as far as our managers or the people who were in place to tell us because we didn’t really know. Tiny and I were underage when we signed the deal. So our mommas had to co-sign on the dotted line with us.”

She also reminisced about doing shows every weekend and going out on tour to support the album. After being on the road performing, she mentioned the group didn’t feel like they were making the type of money they felt they deserved.

“I remember we didn’t really make that much money after our first album, but we felt like we were doing shows every weekend. We were on a tour, and we were doing separate shows on weekends outside of the ones we were doing on the tour. So we’re like, ‘Where the money at?’ And it wasn’t that much money. For, like weeks and weeks of touring, we only probably had like $30,000 a piece.”

The group was speaking to their accountant and learned that there was money missing after his partner ghosted.

“When we were sitting down with the accountant I remember he was saying, ‘This is for miscellaneous,’ and it was like 100-something thousand dollars. Then come to find out, it was two accountants that were partners and one of them disappeared. So I guess he disappeared with our money.”

From there, the group members learned a lesson about watching their finances.