A Toxic Trio: Kanye & Ray J Link Up to Hang Out at Candace Owens’ Documentary Screening

Seems like new bonds form when there’s a common enemy.

Kanye West and Ray J were recently spotted together at the screening of Candace Owens new documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,” which was held on Wednesday night at the Woolworth Theater in Nashville, Tennessee.

To the public’s surprise, the two appeared to be sharing a cordial moment on the red carpet as they posed in front of the media with Owens.

According to Page Six, Ray J previously shared messages between himself and Kanye surrounding the sex tape released during Ray J’s relationship with Kim Kardashian, who is Kanye’s ex-wife. In Kanye’s ‘talk’ with Ray J, he claimed to have “stopped Ray J from leaking a second sex tape.” The “One Wish” blasted the conversation on social media between him and Ye saying he felt betrayed that Kanye retrieved the laptop that allegedly held explicit videos of Kim.

After fans saw the two roaming the red carpet together at Owens’ screening, Twitter was rolling with posts and memes responding to the shocking find.

One user said, “Candace Owens, Ray J, and Kanye are all on a Kim K smear campaign. They hanging out on a red carpet acting all buddy buddy you can’t tell me that ain’t intentional.”

Another user commented, “Nothing unite men who were at odds like their hatred for a woman. Ray J and Kanye West has been beefing for years over Kim Kardashian now they’re cool. I ain’t even a fan of Kim but the way she have these men looking desperate is the mind control I love to see.”


According to TMZ, Owens orchestrated for both Kanye and Ray J to be present at the premiere in an attempt to spite Kim. Earlier this week, the political commentator reportedly leaked an old voicemail from Kim to Ray alleging that Kim called Whitney an “Old hag.”

Ray J and Kanye also recently called out Kim’s mom, Kris Kardashian alleging that she was responsible for leaking the tape, calling her a ‘mastermind.’ Sources say Ray J had recently released concerning posts that called attention to his suicidal ideas.