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The Artist Formerly Known As Kanye West Apologizes To The Jewish Community For Antisemitic Remarks

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has issued an official apology written in Hebrew to the Jewish community.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has issued an official apology written in Hebrew to the Jewish community.

On Tuesday, Dec. 26, Ye took to social media to post a message in Hebrew that served as an apology to the Jewish community for his past antisemitic remarks. The message, posted to his Instagram and Twitter/X pages didn’t mention any specific statement he made, but seemingly addressed all of his past outbursts in one.

“I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community … It was not my intention to hurt or demean, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused,” the message stated.

“I am committed to starting with myself and learning from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity and understanding in the future. Your forgiveness is important to me, and I am committed to making amends and promoting unity.”

The message comes after a year of controversial remarks Ye made about the Jewish community that saw him take a drastic fall from grace. Among the tirades the music/fashion mogul took against Jewish people included saying he would go “death con 3 on Jewish people” and telling conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, “I like Hitler.”

Earlier this month, Ye was filmed ranting against people he felt caused his downfall and citing, “Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye.” His most recent track called “Vultures” referenced his fall from grace in lyrics saying, “How I’m antisemitic? I just fuc*ed a Jewish bi*ch.”

As part of Ye’s downfall, the “Stronger” rapper saw his net worth go from $6.6 billion down to $400 million as he lost major brand deals with Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga. The Yeezy founder’s music contract with Def Jam Recordings had already come to an end after the release of his 2021 Donda album, via The New York Times. In September 2022, JP Morgan Chase ended their business relationship with Ye and asked him to transfer his accounts from the bank.

Ye had been quiet for most of 2023 and has only recently started to resurface as he teases new music. Now, it looks like Kanye is aiming for redemption and is seeking forgiveness from the Jewish community.