Kanye West Breaks Fashion Rule By Wearing Adidas Sneakers With Nike Socks, Sets Off Social Media

These days it’s not easy keeping up with Kanye West, who seems to make news simply by walking out of his residence. But the billionaire hip-hop artist has a way to keep us on our toes.

Case in point, the mercurial ex-presidential nominee was spotted this past Wednesday, July 7, at the Balenciaga 50th Couture Collection show for Paris Fashion Week. The fashion plate and talented music producer’s appearance had many folks scratching their heads when he was spotted sporting a face mask that fully covered his entire face; but as wild as that may be, many were discussing something else he chose to wear.

West, who at one point in time was signed to sneaker giant Nike and is currently involved in a deal with Nike competitor, Adidas, which produces his Yeezy line, was seen wearing his Adidas-branded Yeezy Foam Runners with Nike socks.
The issue? It’s practically unheard of to be seen wearing Nike with Adidas in any fashion, but, to see Kanye do it set social media ablaze!

Yeezy is truly unbothered by it all.