Kanye, Trevian C. Kutti

‘RICO Woes’ For Ye’s Former Publicist Charged In Latest Trump Indictment

Close to 20 additional names have been listed in the fourth indictment of former President Donald Trump. One of those names is Ye’s, formerly known as Kanye West, former publicist Trevian C. Kutti, Deadline reports.

Kutti was seen in a video trying to convince Ruby Freeman, a Georgia election worker publicly attacked by Trump, to implicate herself in election fraud regarding the 2020 presidential election.

On counts 30 and 31 of 41, Kutti faces charges of conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings and influencing witnesses. Count 30 claims the former publicist, along with Stephen Cliffguard Lee and Harrison William Prescott Floyd, “unlawfully conspired to solicit, request, and importune Freeman by knowingly and willfully making a false statement and representation concerning events at State Farm Arena in November 3, 2020.”

Specifically listing Kutti, the charges continue, saying she traveled to Fulton County to visit Freeman at her home, which is labeled as “acts to effect the object of the conspiracy, contrary to the laws of said State, the good order, peace and dignity thereof.”

When Kutti got to Freeman’s home, the election worker was frightened and called the police, according to The Independent. Kutti identified herself as a “crisis manager” and went with Freeman to the police station after an officer suggested it. Bodycam footage captured Kutti allegedly cornering Freeman and threatening her with jail time.

Additional charges for count 31 allege Kutti, Lee, and Floyd “knowingly and unlawfully engaged in misleading conduct toward Freeman, by stating that she needed protection and by purporting to offer her help, with intent to influence her testimony in an official proceeding.” The indictment claims all the alleged actions occurred on or around Jan. 4, 2021—almost two months after West ended his own presidential bid.

Kutti’s name has been associated with some of hip-hop and R&B’s bad boys, including R. Kelly. An online profile listed her as Kanye West’s Director of Operations; however, according to a 2021 story in Reuters, a spokesperson for West said that “Trevian Kutti was not associated with Kanye West or any of his enterprises at the times of the facts that are reported in these articles or since these facts occurred.”