Kanye West's Church Granted Tax Exempt Status Amid $50M Lawsuits
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Kanye West’s Sunday Service Has Been Registered as a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Amid $50M In Lawsuits

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Despite the fact that Kanye West is being sued for upwards of $50 million by his former Sunday Service employees and executives at MyChannel Inc. who claimed that they helped the rapper maximize the revenue made from his Sunday Service, he recently got his church approved for a tax exempt status.

The Sun has obtained documents showing that Kanye hired San Francisco-based attorney Karl F. Mill, who specializes in non-profits. Sunday Service church has now been granted 501c3 tax-exempt status.

The newspaper recently discovered documents dated March 23 showing details of the corporation, including West’s $2.2 million home that is located in Calabasas. The documents also indicated that the corporation is not allowed to “participate in, or intervene in [including the publication or distribution of statements], any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.”

So, fingers crossed, that means no more West for President political stunts.

Churches are typically exempt from federal, state, and local income and property taxes as they are considered to be public charities.

This comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed in August 2020 by MyChannel Inc. in California District Court claiming that its employees were stiffed for six months of work on technology. The company is suing for $20 million in damage for helping Kanye “maximize revenues for his Yeezy merchandise.”

Coupled with that, West is facing a $30 million lawsuit, according to The Sun, by former employees of his live Nebuchadnezzar Opera. Workers claim that West owes “unpaid wages” and that he failed “…to pay minimum wage and overtime.”

“Defendants oversaw, controlled and ran the production, and the aggrieved employees worked many hours on the production and were not timely paid for their work, or paid at all,” the court documents state, according to The Sun.

Kanye West has been busy with attorneys as of late. West’s latest suit stems from executives from MyChannel Inc. claiming that they not only helped Kanye maximize the revenue made from his Sunday Service but also helped with his Yeezy merchandise. They claim West failed to follow through on an agreement to invest in their business. During deposition, Kanye reportedly went “H-A-M” put on a “full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ’s image which obscured his face and muffled his voice.”

MyChannel Inc. reportedly invested $7 million into a Yeezy project. Not only did Kanye cut ties, but MyChannel also claim he stole its technology for his Sunday Service. The company had also moved its headquarters from Pennsylvania to California and then to Chicago after Kanye promised to invest $10 million and reneged on that as well.

According to AllHipHop, the mercurial entertainer is currently recording new material at a recording studio in Honolulu, HI.