‘Karen’ Accuses Black Man Of Stealing Candy Before Paying For It

‘Karen’ Accuses Black Man Of Stealing Candy Before Paying For It

Tiktok user @blackmagicsmg recorded an incident with a ‘Karen’ who accosted him for eating gummy worms at the grocery store before paying for them. 

She confronted the African-American man and boldly presented her ID, informing him, “that’s who made me security,” indicating that she is authorized to check to make sure he pays for his items, the Daily Dot reports

The video went viral, amassing over 1.8 million views, 160,000 like, and approximately 1,900 people have posted their comments.  

According to @blackmagicsmg, he asked the white woman why she was upset as he was snacking on his candy, “You don’t see me paying for my stuff?” he says while using the self-checkout console. 


@blackmagicsmg That time a Karen did a check mate on me 😂😂😂😂😂 #fyp #fypシ #funny ♬ original sound – BlackMagic

He continues, “Who made you security? Out here, confronting us?” inquired the TikToker.

At this point, she flashes her unverifiable photo ID, and the TikToker offers her gummy worm to diffuse the situation; he even offers to show his receipt, which does nothing to impact the aggressor. 

TikTok users went into a frenzy attempting to identify the ID card the woman showed. 

“She showed her AARP card,” wrote one user.

“It’s a bus card,” posted another.

Another user reasoned, “Pulled the Karen card out.”

“Not you AT the register, and she questioning you,” @asyianpersusian commented.

While many people made light of the situation, others were critical of the woman’s actions.

“It isn’t stealing unless you walk out of the store. He even paid for the lollies in the end and she is there talking the talk,” said one user. 

Based on Finding Law, a media outlet that supplies legal expertise, consuming food in a grocery store is not shoplifting until a person has left the store, reports Daily Dot. 

“You need to have committed the act of taking the item and have the intention of evading the checkout counter in order to be found guilty of shoplifting, according to the law,” states FindLaw. 

The outlet points out that “shopkeepers generally have discretion” if they do detain a suspected shoplifter.  

Also, the gummy worms package came with a fixed price instead of some items purchased by weight. So @blackmagicsmg was within his right to eat them at his leisure. In other words, have a seat, Karen!