White Woman Attacks Black Man After He Allegedly Was Checked Into a Hotel Before Her

White Woman Attacks Black Man After He Allegedly Was Checked Into a Hotel Before Her

Happy New Year to everyone but this “Karen” who was caught on video attacking a Black man who she reportedly felt she was more superior to.

On New Year’s Day at a Hilton Hotel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a racist encounter was caught on a mobile phone video when an unnamed white woman clearly assaults and attacks a Black man who was at the front desk counter seemingly checking in, The Daily Dot reports.

The Black man, who was allegedly a Hilton Diamond member, was being taken care of before the white woman and the white man she was with. Apparently, that hotel courtesy didn’t sit well with the woman who starts going ballistic as the phone footage captures what happens next.

As what appears to be four security personnel witnessing the altercation, the white woman, clearly agitated, approaches the calm Black man and has the audacity to grab him by his locks, and tries to pull him towards her.

Security doesn’t effectively de-escalate the situation either. And after the Black man is attacked by the woman, he then strikes the man she is standing with, knocking him out cold in the process.

Even after knocking her companion out, security is unable to contain the woman. The Black man returns back to the line calmly as security continues to try to subdue the woman who is still causing a ruckus.

Minutes later, with security still doing nothing to stop this woman, she goes to attack the Black customer once again as security escorts the man from the scene.

All of this is captured on another person’s phone.

Another clip shows the woman still on the attack without restraint.

The gentleman who was attacked asked the person who shot the video to send him the clip as Hilton employees did nothing to stop the woman. He also stated that the white couple called the police. The man wasn’t able to stay at the hotel that night because they lied to the police and claimed that he attacked them and they waited for him to return.