Kassidy Parnell, A Louisiana High School Student, Receives $4.5 Million In College Scholarships

Kassidy Parnell, A Louisiana High School Student, Receives $4.5 Million In College Scholarships

With more than 100 college acceptances under her belt, this Louisiana high school student is bright and well-deserving.

Kassidy Parnell is currently attending Tara High School in Baton Rouge, where she stands victoriously at the top of her class with a 4.1 GPA. She is also dual-enrolled in computer classes at Baton Rouge Community College, in addition to her high school course load. Parnell enjoys English, reading, listening to music, and studying cybersecurity.

To date, Parnell has various schools vying to be her choice for higher education. From full-ride scholarships to 13 Presidential Scholarships and several academic and merit scholarships, the star student has received $4.5 million worth in offers, WKBN 27 reports.

Parnell’s proud father, Lorenzo Bynum, has maintained records of each scholarship amount and school in a comprehensive spreadsheet to keep organized for decision-making.

“This girl is a hard worker, loyal friend, organized, witty, and makes good decisions,” said Bynum, as per the news outlet. “She loves to learn new things. If she doesn’t know something, she will look it up and remember everything about it. She is not afraid to explore new horizons and takes pride in her school and the work she does for IBM. She really makes our job easy as parents.”

Among her acceptances, Parnell has received word from 106 schools, including Southern University, Saint Louis University, Butler, Oklahoma State, Marquette, Seton Hall University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Kansas, and Kent State University. The list goes on.

Anticipated to graduate on May 18, Parnell and her family are narrowing choices down every weekend with college tours. The decision may not be easy but considering her impressive track record, congratulations are unquestionably in order for this shining star.