Keke Palmer Denies She’s Worth $7.5M, ‘It’s Inaccurate’

Keke Palmer is shutting down Google’s claims that say she’s worth a few million. According to the Nope star, don’t believe the hype.

Always one to keep it real, Palmer’s latest interview saw her clear up claims of being worth $7.5 million.

“Y’all can’t believe net worths,” Palmer told Complex’s Speedy Morman.

“Because first of all, they said my net worth was $7.5 million when I only had $100,000 in the bank. They’re lies. Do not look at those. Do not look at that, okay? It’s inaccurate.”

@complex Keke always keeps it real 😅 #KekePalmer #networth #360withSpeedy ♬ original sound – Complex

While she has more than a $100,000 net worth today, the Akeelah and the Bee star can remember the days when that wasn’t always the case.

“There was times where it was less, now it’s more,” she said. “But there was times where it was less than that. That’s why I’m like, don’t believe that.”

According to sites like Celebrity Net Worth, Palmer has a net worth listed at $7.5 million, thanks in large part to her success in film and television. The former child star turned adult Hollywood it-girl has appeared in blockbuster films like Nope, Crazy Sexy Cool: A TLC Story, and Hustlers, along with hit TV shows like Scream Queens, The Proud Family, and Legendary.

On the real estate side, Palmer reportedly owns a Brooklyn penthouse she bought for $2.35 million, and a home in Studio City she purchased in 2021 for $1.38 million. As an entrepreneur, Palmer launched her KeyTV network in 2022 and oversees a variety of digital productions from diverse creators.

“Digital is what gave me my freedom,” she told Deadline.

“I started out doing traditional but when I started getting into digital I was able to kind of change the narrative and evolve my career in a way that traditional always won’t let you. Sometimes you’re waiting for somebody to open the door but with digital, you could create a door.”


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