Kelis Laughed Off Strangers Playing With Her Hair in Singapore, ‘Oh I Like to Be Touched’

Kelis Laughed Off Strangers Playing With Her Hair in Singapore, ‘Oh I Like to Be Touched’

Kelis had a lot more energy for Beyonce than she did for the two strangers in Singapore she let play around in her hair twists.

On Friday, the “Milkshake” singer posted a video showing the strange encounter she had with two Asian women who approached Kelis to inspect her hair. Kelis’ friend filmed the encounter as the singer and culinary queen sarcastically laughed off the exchange.

“I don’t even know what to say here,” she captioned the post.

During the encounter, Kelis displayed uncomfortable facial expressions while allowing the two women to examine her copper-colored hair twists. The person recording the video told Kelis to just “embrace it.”

“Oh I like to be touched,” Kelis sarcastically said in response. “It’s great.”


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At one point, Kelis tugs at one of the ladies’ hair, but the woman just smiles and continues playing in Kelis’ hair. The Asian women were seemingly unaware of the controversy that comes with zeroing in on a Black woman’s hair.

It’s unaware how long Kelis allowed the women to play in her hair or if she educated them on why their actions could be an issue. When sharing the exchange on Instagram, Kelis made sure to promote her latest culinary products.

“New Gold mine boxes dropping today. Turn notifications on !!! These go fast,” she added in her caption.

Kelis received mixed reactions from viewers who felt like the singer handled it well, but let the woman go too far.

“I’m glad you grabbed her hair but clearly they didn’t understand how ridiculous it is to touch a stranger,” one user wrote.

“You really are good sport… they are SO rude!” one user quipped.

“You handled this well I just hate when ppl touch my hair! This ain’t no damn petting zoo lol ,” added someone else.

A little viral moment to help promote her meal kit. All publicity can be good publicity.