Kelis Shows Off Her ‘Rescue Fashion’ After Surviving Car Accident with Kids

Kelis remained in positive spirits after her frightening car accident while en route to Big Bear Mountain over the weekend.

The “Milkshake” singer took to Instagram on Monday to share a video of what happened when she “almost fell off a cliff.”

“My plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff!” she captioned the post.

“So make the best of what ya got, n always be prepared lol.”


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Kelis was all smiles in the video while explaining how her car “got stuck” and she was forced to wait hours for a tow truck to come save the day. Video clips showed the singer’s car leaning into a pile of dirt and snow.

“We’ve been out here awhile. But we had all our snowboarding gear so God is good,” she shared.

The “Caught Out There” singer then directed the video to her Big Bear fashion that included a white fur-trimmed coat, pink inner fur, a green scarf, and silver boots.

“I figure if you’re going to be in this situation, you should at least look your best,” she said while laughing.

Kelis was layered up “to keep warm,” and was able to take her car accident in stride. She showed off the light on her winter hat that helped alert rescuers to the wreckage sight.

“Things could be worse,” Kelis said. “Rescue fashion.”

Fans praised the singer for remaining upbeat and positive despite the stressful and traumatic experience.

“The way this super inconvenient situation turned into a OOTD moment. Love! 💗✨ #ThingsCouldBeWorse !!” one fan wrote in response to the video.

“Omg …. Not you almost falling off a cliff in style,” added another. “it’s not even funny but I’m glad your smiling and making light of a scary situation. I hope the kids aren’t too shaken up. I would have been a nervous wreck.”