Kentucky Lottery, Quits Job

Kentucky Woman Quits Job After Winning $90K Lottery

A Kentucky woman found herself facing a life-altering decision after Lady Luck gifted her with $90K from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

ABC12 reports that Reshawn Toliver of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, recently found herself facing a life-altering decision after a stroke of luck gifted her with $90,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. Toliver, who had been dissatisfied with her job, saw this windfall as an opportunity for a fresh start and promptly chose to quit.

The moment of realization came when Toliver, at home, scratched off her winning ticket, prompting a scream that echoed through her household. “I screamed! I’ve never hollered that loud before,” she recounted. The sudden outburst caught the attention of her boyfriend and son, who rushed to her side. Toliver described the mixture of emotions that followed, oscillating between excitement and disbelief. “One minute, it’s like, breathe. The next minute, it’s like, stop laughing. I can hear the scream over and over again in my head,” she shared.

Driven by a newfound sense of financial security, Toliver wasted no time in pursuing her decision to leave her job. On March 4, she made her way to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters to claim her prize, a substantial sum of $64,800 after taxes. Reflecting on her decision, Toliver expressed gratitude for what she perceived as a divine intervention. “I was unhappy with my job, and God made a way,” she affirmed. Despite feeling a sense of guilt over leaving her workplace, Toliver admitted to a profound sense of relief at the prospect of starting afresh.

The convenience store Skyline Fuel, which sold Toliver the winning ticket, will also share in the joy of her victory, receiving a $900 bonus as a result.

Not long ago, in December 2023, an airport worker in San Francisco also hit the jackpot. Durwin Hickman, on his lunch break, ventured into L&M Liquor in Hayward, California, where he purchased a $30 Set For Life! Scratchers ticket. Little did he know that this impromptu purchase would change the trajectory of his life.

As Hickman leisurely scratched the surface of the ticket, he uncovered the word “LIFE” appearing in the right spot, instantly clinching the top prize of $20 million. With this windfall, Hickman transitioned from assisting travelers with their luggage to being financially set for the rest of his days.

“It was the biggest rush I have had in my life,” Hickman shared with reporters, conveying the overwhelming excitement of his unexpected win. 

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