Kevin Hart: “I’ve Been Canceled, What, Three or Four Times? Never Bothered’

It looks like Katt Williams isn’t the only comedian who has an issue with cancel culture!

According to CNN, in a recent interview, Kevin Hart had some strong words to say toward the cancel culture that has been taking over lately, specifically when it comes to anything or anyone who has anything to do with sports, entertainment, and politics.

And frankly, the comedian and movie star is fed up.

“When did we get to a point where life was supposed to be perfect?” the actor and entrepreneur said. “Where people were supposed to operate perfectly all the time? I don’t understand.”
In his interview with The Sunday Times, Hart said, “I’ve been canceled, what, three or four times? Never bothered.”
“If you allow it to have an effect on you, it will,” he said. “Personally? That’s not how I operate. I understand people are human.”

Comedian Williams had also spoken about the effects of cancel culture recently when he appeared on Joe Budden’s podcast to discuss his latest movie, The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2. During the conversation, Budden brought up the subject of cancel culture, and Williams had an interesting take on the subject.

“At the end of the day, there’s no cancel culture. Cancellation doesn’t have its own culture. That was people of color, that was us policing our own culture,” the veteran comedian explained. “That was people without a voice being trashed by people just because they had a bigger name than them. And more money than them. And a better office than them, and they could sweep them up under the rug like they didn’t matter.”

“Some of these things are for the benefit of everything. Nobody likes the speed limit, but it’s necessary. Nobody likes the shoulder of the road, but it’s there for a reason.”

Hart is currently promoting his latest Netflix film, Fatherhood.