Kevin Hunter Responds to Backlash for Asking if Ashanti Went Under Knife to Gain Weight

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter came under fire after he questioned if Ashanti had her “body done” to achieve her current “weight gain.”

Hunter, 50, was using his Instagram Story as an outlet to pose questions to his followers on Monday, including his observations about another woman’s physical appearance. But the former television executive faced backlash after he posted a throwback photo of singer Ashanti and questioned if she’s had any cosmetic work done.

Kevin Hunter Instagram Story about Ashanti
(Image: Instagram/@therealkelvinhunter/Screenshot)

“Ion know… That’s alotta weight gain since 2007,” Hunter wrote in his post, captured by The Shade Room. “No hate queen but BODY DONE???” The obvious shade wasn’t received well by viewers who encouraged Hunter to “get a job” instead of commenting on a woman’s physical appearance.

“His on the wrong app. Ain’t he supposed to be on indeed,” one viewer wrote.

“Him ‘no hate’… then proceeds to hate. The attack on black women from black men is wild,” added someone else. “They literally had to reference your ex wife just to ensure we even knew buddy.”

Kevin Hunter Instagram Story about Ashanti
(Image: Instagram/@therealkelvinhunter/Screenshot)

Following the backlash, Hunter followed up with another Instagram Story post clearing up his initial shady post and expressing his love for Ashanti.

“Look I think @ashanti is a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN!” he wrote.

“I have posted a NUMBER of positive posts that no one ever runs with.”



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Hunter went on to explain his reasoning for assuming Ashanti went under the knife to achieve her toned and curvy figure.

“In this day and time, it’s not uncommon for people to have surgery…My question was for my page,” Hunter quipped. “I’m not a blogger nor am I trying to be or disrespect her in any way.”

The former Wendy Williams Show producer ended his rant by praising Ashanti and her “natural assets.”

“[I] was merely posing a question,” he added. “SALUTE to her and all her accomplishments. Errbody CALM DOWN.”