Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter Accuses Wendy Williams’ Sister Of Stealing From Former Wife

Wendy Williams' ex husband Kevin Hunter voiced his opinion about what led to her downfall

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, voiced his opinion about what led to her downfall after Where Is Wendy Williams? aired on the Lifetime Network on Feb. 24.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Hunter blamed Wendy’s sister, Wanda Williams, for playing a role in the talk show host’s recent problems, according to Atlanta Black Star.

The Neighborhood Talk reposted the accusation on its platform. Hunter accused Wanda of stealing from her sister and being part of the reason Wendy’s situation got worse.

Hunter wrote: “Ok so everyone heard ‘f—k Kevin’ through docu-series..np the show took precedent over everything including family..what I guess they left out was that while she was in Florida getting recovery 3 yrs ago there were secret calls her SISTER would set up with Debar Mercury (MORT & IRA) with false pretense that she would be getting back..that was a lie and broke s—t more than anything. They only were trying to get her there to satisfy an insurance claim so they could obviously replace losses and the money that they were STEALING (5-15mil) and they wanted control her sister SISTER was trying to get ultimate control herself and was medical proxy @ the time..but her naïveté allowed her only to be PLAYED and once she got back to NY they kicked her sister out and she spiraled worse..I was involved @ the time…blood on alotta hands.”

Last week, Wendy’s medical team announced that she had been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia several days before the release of Where Is Wendy Williams?