Kirk Franklin Wants to Bring Back ‘Real Names’ For Babies

Kirk Franklin Wants to Bring Back ‘Real Names’ For Babies

Gospel star Kirk Franklin wants to see today’s generation of parents return to naming their kids more fitting names like “Betty,” “Charlene,” and “Johnnie Mae.”

The “Stomp” hitmaker took to Instagram earlier this month to share his testimony in response to his eldest daughter Carrington giving birth to his second grandchild.

“My daughter just gave birth to my second grandchild,” he said. “Beautiful little girl named Levi.”

But according to Franklin, instead of Levi, he would’ve preferred his daughter to give Levi a “real name.”

“Levi’s beautiful, but I told my daughter that I think to save the next generation, we need to go back … to real names,” he explained.


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“That baby should have been named Betty. Phyllis. Geraldine. Ruby,” he quipped.

“See, we moved too far. We need some more Charlenes. You know, we’ve got to take it back if we’re going to change the world. Bring back Johnnie Mae. Jeannette. Debra.”

“GOD HELP US….🙏🏾😓,” he captioned his Instagram post.

Many took to his comments to express their disapproval of Franklin’s calling with stars like Usher saying “Geraldine no.”

“Why are you like this,” one user wrote with laughing emojis.

“What is wrong with you!? 😂” added someone else.

Steve Harvey agreed adding that “Pearl” should be a name parents should start using again.

Once The Shade Room reposted the video, many responded with jokes of their own.

“Phyllis and Geraldine took me out of my glory,” one user wrote.

“Not him saying mostly women names 😒bring back the Charlie’s , Ronald’s , and Herman’s …those were real men names 😂,” another user added.

“He don’t even use his real name! When he start going by Plies, we will use ours!” someone else jokingly said.

Kirk Franklin is the father to two sons, Kerrion and Caziah Franklin, and daughters Carrington and Kennedy Franklin.