KIT KAT and U.S Non-Profits Team Up to Honor and Celebrate Black Music Month

In a remarkable initiative, KIT KAT has teamed up with six community-based nonprofits across the United States to support and empower the next generation through programs focused on youth development, leadership, and education through the power of music.

Now in its second year, the KIT KAT x Black Music program pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Black music and tells the captivating stories of cities where it has flourished. With limited-edition packages designed by Black illustrators, this initiative blends music and art to create transformative opportunities for Black youth in New York, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, and Memphis.

Connecting music and art

Music has an incredible ability to bring people together, transcending boundaries and creating lasting connections. Black music, in particular, holds a deep-rooted history of shaping culture and forging communities across the nation.

KIT KAT, inspired by The Hershey Company’s commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, has taken the opportunity to celebrate and support Black artists and musicians through the KIT KAT Black Music Month program. By collaborating with community-based nonprofits in cities where Black music has made a profound impact, KIT KAT aims to create meaningful change and provide opportunities for Black youth to thrive.

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KIT KAT honors and celebrates the profound contributions of Black artists and musicians throughout history. (Images provided by The Hershey Company)

Limited edition packages and inspiring stories

As part of the program, KIT KAT has enlisted the talents of Black illustrators, including Shae Anthony and Mia Saine, to design limited-edition packages that capture the essence of cities at the heart of Black music. These visually stunning packages not only celebrate the cultural significance of each city but pay tribute to the artists and musicians who have shaped their music scenes.

KIT KAT’s initiative has garnered praise from partner organizations and community leaders.

“Black music has shaped American culture, and music continues to be a connective thread within our community,” said Amber Hamilton, executive director of Memphis Music Initiative. “For the second year, this June, we’re partnering with KIT KAT to celebrate Black Music Month by honoring the rich legacy of Black music and celebrating the transformative role music plays for youth in our city.”

Blending music and art

KIT KAT will also present a six-episode mini-docuseries featuring rising artists in conversation with industry veterans. The series delves into the history and influence of Black music within their hometowns, providing a platform for artists to share their stories. 

To honor the creative voices that make New York the melting pot of culture that it is, we’re partnering with KIT KAT to celebrate Black Music Month and support the next generation of artists,” Shanelle Gabriel, executive director of Urban Word, said. 

Supporting Black youth and nonprofit partnerships 

Central to the KIT KAT x Black Music program is the commitment to creating transformational opportunities for Black youth. Through collaborations with Memphis Music Initiative, We Are Culture Creators, Harmony Project, Trombone Shorty Foundation, Urban Word, and the DC Strings Workshop, KIT KAT is investing in the future of Black musicians and leaders. These organizations utilize music and art to empower young individuals, fostering creativity, leadership, and personal growth.

“Music education and empowering youth to connect through music is at the core of everything we do at the Harmony Project,” said Natalie Jackson, executive director of the Harmony Project. “We envision a world where all youth have equal access to opportunities to make music and the resources needed to thrive in college.”

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Tyrese receives the Hollywood Confidential ICON Award, presented by KIT KAT. Left to Right: Tyrese, Deon Taylor, and Gayle Atkins. (Photo: Dave Grisham)

Honoring Black musicians

In collaboration with KIT KAT’s Celebrate Black Music Month campaign, TV producer and content creator Steve Jones and Hollywood Confidential honored the remarkable career of Tyrese Gibson in television and film.

This special event held on Saturday, June 25, 2023, served as a platform to celebrate Gibson’s outstanding contributions to the industry while highlighting the importance of Black music.