KJ Rose Rocks the House Tapping Into the Power of Women at the Women of Power Summit

KJ Rose had Women of Power activated and tapped in with her lyrical power chants, contagious energy, and dance moves that undeniably set the tone for a transformative summit.

On Thursday, Mar 9, BLACK ENTERPRISE kicked off the highly anticipated 2023 Women of Power summit in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Resort & Casino. An array of powerful Black women and supportive Black men filled the room, fully empowered by a “human expresso shot” who understood her assignment.

Thanks to our sponsor Toyota, the summit’s first event Tapping into Your Personal Star Power, enlisted the incomparable Keanna “KJ Rose” Henson to show us exactly what it means to own every stage you walk in.

KJ Rose (Bri Ridley for Black Enterprise)

Per usual, Selena Hill, award-winning, multi-media journalist, and BLACK ENTERPRISE‘s Deputy Digital Editor, brought her hosting prowess to the max as she introduced the guest of honor. KJ Rose is an artist development and performance director, and the author of “The Rose Effect: Eight Steps to Delivering The Performance of Your Life.”

Black Enterprise’s Deputy Digital Editor Selena Hill and powerhouse KJ Rose

“Find a song, a mantra, a chant that makes you feel invincible,” said KJ Rose who had just rocked the stage with an explosive and empowering rendition of Saweetie’s Tap In. 

KJ Rose, affectionately known as “The Talent Whisperer,” rocked the house with a purpose. In under an hour, she had guests tapping into their core and unleashing inner powers both onstage and offstage.


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Having worked with Clive Davis at J Records, KJ Rose is a change agent who brings a unique perspective to the entertainment industry. When she realized that her energy was part of her purpose, her trajectory has proved boundless. KJ Rose has performed with the likes of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Janet Jackson. She has also coached an array of artists such as Lil Nas X, Saweetie, the Lumineers,  Rubi Rose, Erica Campbell, Polo G, and others.

“My job is to give you a jolt of motivation that allows you to push beyond your perceived capacity,” KJ Rose challenged the crowd Thursday evening.


She added: “You have come to participate in a movement where there are no limits that is boundless. Wherever you occupy the most space, that is your stage. And imagine obliterating that stage.”

At some point, she reminded a hesitant crowd that they are all artists and creators in their own right.

(Bri Ridley for Black Enterprise)

KJ Rose shared a story about working with the Grammy-award winning rap legend  Nasir “Nas” Jones for his first ever headlining show at The World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden last month.

“My new mission statement is Nas said that I help to push the soul and spirit out of every performer, every artist. And that’s what I am here to do for you.”

In doing so, KJ Rose presented three necessary ways to help tap into your personal power. Her gems of wisdom urges you to stand upright, be fearless and ferocious. She emphasized just how valuable it is be aware that, “somebody’s win is connected to your more.”

Shift your position

“It’s time to shift your position from behind. Get infront of the win!”

Shift your perspectives 

“No one’s story will look like yours. But I need you to start telling it in a way that it cannot be hijacked.”


“I need you to tell your story. That means you need to resolve the things that don’t hit really good for you. Resolve it, so by the time you tell it, you are not asking permission to tell it.”

Shift your energy

“When you don’t speak up, someone else loses. When you move tentatively, someone else loses. When you forget how dope and how necessary you are, your gift is, your existence is, someone loses.”


“I don’t want us to compromise our wins anymore.”

In closing, KJ Rose followed up with power mantras for the crowd to repeat:: Adjust your crown, adjust your attitude, adjust your core, adjust your strength, and adjust your heart.

Check out Adjust Your Crown, Activate Your Force (Power Chants) Volume 1 KJ Rose now. Available on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.