NYC Couple Suing Korean Restaurant After Finding a Dead Rat in Food Delivery Order

NYC Couple Suing Korean Restaurant After Finding a Dead Rat in Food Delivery Order

According to NewsBreak, a couple placed a delivery order from a Korean restaurant in New York City, and there was allegedly a dead rat in the soup that they ordered.

Eunice Lucero-Lee and her husband, Jason Lee, posted on their Instagram account the details of what transpired.

“We ordered from a well-known restaurant called Gammeeok in K-Town and found the most disgusting thing in our food.”

In the post, there is a video of the dead rodent sitting comfortably in the food order. This took place over the weekend.

“We ordered sogogi gukbap, which is a kind of hearty Korean beef soup,” Lucero-Lee said to NewsBreak.

The couple filed a lawsuit, which they stated in the Instagram post. In the last slide of the post, they left an additional message explaining that they are regular customers of the restaurant.

“We have been going to this restaurant for a decade and are otherwise proud supporters of Asian cuisine and culture. This incident is in no way to fuel race-based hate or prejudice, and I will have an issue with anyone who uses these posts to fit that narrative.”


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TMZ reported that the owners of Gammeeok responded on their Instagram account disputing the possibility that a rat could make it into the soup, based on the process they use to prepare it. They posted a video of the process to show that the claims of the Lees are not true.

“This is Gammaeok. It is understandable but regrettable that public opinion has deteriorated.

“Once, the person ordered food with ubereats. If a ‘rat’ came out, it could be argued as evidence saying ‘Look at this’ when they came to our store, but we didn’t see any real thing. Also, if you look at the other party’s yelp account, there is a review in the past saying that flies came out of that person’s house because they “take out” in the same way as we did at another restaurant in k-town. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for most people.”

amNY reported that the couple plan on suing. Their attorney, Dennis Carrion of Carrion Accident & Injury Attorneys said, “My clients support small business owners but feel they must take action to do their part to help protect all New Yorkers.”