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Comedian Kountry Wayne Says He ‘Splurges’ $200K A Month In Child Support

Watch out, Nick Cannon! Comedian Kountry Wayne revealed something many people may not have known about him in a recent interview with Sherri Shepherd on The Sherri Shepherd Show. In a discussion, he stated that he has 10 children with five women.

Wayne also disclosed that he pays $200,000 monthly in child support for his children.

During a conversation with the talk show host, she inquired about what Wayne splurges on. Without missing a beat, he stated that it was child support.

“Yeah, I splurge.. more than child support? Because child support would be my biggest splurge,” he responds. “That called splurging? Because that’s every month.”

Shepherd asks, “OK, you splurge on child support? How much is your child support? Can I ask you that?”

“Yeah, my child support, just my family costs me about 200 a month,” he responds.

“200 dollars?” Shepherd asks him.

“200 thousand,” he answered.

“200 thousand?” a shocked Shepherd asks.

Wayne then explains to Shepherd that there is more to the child support as there are other expenses and costs when dealing with the mother of his children. He didn’t specify if it was court-ordered or if that’s just the amount he pays out of his pocket.

“It don’t have to cost me that much. It’s just child support come with baby mama support. Everybody come behind the children with their hands out,” he continues. “So I splurge on some things, cars and all that. I’ve got a million dollars worth of cars but ain’t nothing like that child support, where people with feet walk up on you.”

Earlier this year, in April, Wayne released a self-help biography, “Help Is on the Way: Stay Up and Live Your Truth,” and in September, he released his first Netflix standup comedy special, “A Woman’s Prayer.”