Kyrie Irving Blames His Lack Of Play With The Nets On Mayor Eric Adams

Kyrie Irving Blames His Lack Of Play With The Nets On Mayor Eric Adams

A fan shouted to Kyrie Irving, "Why didn't you play like this when you were on the Nets?" Irving responded, "Blame Mayor Adams for that, bro."

During a game on Feb. 7, a courtside exchange between Kyrie Irving and a disgruntled fan captured attention. The fan shouted, “Why didn’t you play like this when you were on the Nets?” Irving, engaged in an argument with an official, responded, “Blame [New York City] Mayor Eric Adams for that, bro.” The fan appeared unconvinced by Irving’s explanation, according to Complex.

The reference to Mayor Adams relates to New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. In 2021, Adams upheld the previous administration’s public health mandates that required private sector employees to be vaccinated. Irving, who remained unvaccinated, faced ineligibility to play or practice with the team. Although later permitted to play in road games outside New York and Toronto, he only made his debut after Adams lifted the vaccine mandate in March 2022.

Irving acknowledged the controversies during his tenure, including strained contract negotiations leading to his trade to the Mavericks a year after joining the Nets.

Post-game, Irving expressed a sense of closure with his Brooklyn chapter, stating, “I’m pretty much at peace” with everything that transpired. He wished former teammates well and emphasized the relationships beyond basketball.

According to Newsweek, when questioned about his legacy in Brooklyn, Irving adopted a nonchalant stance, saying, “Honestly, I don’t care.” He recognized the subjectivity of opinions and hoped for a resolution in the coming years. Irving highlighted the emotional toll of facing former teams and the associated baggage, stating, “It’s part of our game, but at the same time, it’s just basketball.”

Reflecting on his time in Brooklyn, Irving admitted to taking “some moral stances” and facing political challenges beyond his control. Acknowledging past mistakes, he emphasized accountability and the importance of learning from experiences. Irving stated, “I’m not perfect, but one thing I can say is I’ve been able to learn from things and continue to push forward. I’m around some good people. And that’s all that matters, man, surrounding yourself with some good folk.”

As Irving thrives with the Mavericks, currently eighth in the Western Conference with a 28-23 record, the Nets, without Irving, are struggling at 20-30, placing 11th in the Eastern Conference.