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La La Anthony Says Carmelo’s Trade to New York Ignited the ‘Demise’ In Their Marriage

Actress La La Anthony is opening up about why her 11-year marriage to NBA star Carmelo Anthony fell apart.

The Power star has been a bit mum since filing for divorce from Carmelo in June 2021. But La La opened up while appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday about her feelings on how Carmelo’s 2011 trade to the New York Knicks ultimately led to the end of their marriage.

The two wed in 2010 and share a 15-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony. While La La and Carmelo are both NY natives from Brooklyn, the Think Like A Man star believes moving back to their hometown put a wedge in their marriage.

“When we lived here [in New York] under all of that [attention], that’s when things became complicated,” La La said.” I think that was kind of the start.”

“Now that I look back, that was kind of the start of the demise of the marriage.”

The return of the hometown hero to NYC put the famous couple under a microscope she feels they couldn’t come back from.

“It is the hardest with the scrutiny and the media and the press, just everything. It is really hard,” La La explained.

“That’s not the only reason things didn’t work out, but things got tough with New York, just constantly being under the spotlight and people watching every little thing.”

Carmelo’s busy NBA schedule put a lot of stress on La La and caused many “sleepless nights,” she said. Especially when her then-husband played in cities she believed had a notorious reputation for athletes’ infidelities, E! News reports.

“I used to think certain cities, like, ‘Oh, those are the problem cities.’ Miami, I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m definitely not sleeping tonight, or I’m going to figure out a way to get there,’” La La recalled.

“But here’s what I found out. Be careful with these other cities that you think don’t have as much going on, because those are the ones guys where the s–-t is going down.”

La La cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing but said she and Carmelo remain friends while co-parenting their son.

“It wasn’t all bad,” she said. “Like, we had great, great times.”