La La Anthony Shares Rules of Success in The Power Playbook

La La Anthony shares her rules for success and personal advice in her second self-help book, “The Power Playbook: Rule for Independence, Money and Success,” released May 5.

The former MTV veejay and entrepreneur gives not only women but everyone the keys to being successful, highlighting that knowing your goals and your worth makes all the difference in the climb to the top.

“What makes people powerful is finding your inner power, because so many people out there give themselves every reason in the world why they can’t do something. And so it’s based on why you can do it, and that you have this inner power within you that can take you to the next level. It’s all about finding it,” Anthony told Fast Company.

Anthony seems to have found her inner power long ago, as she’s been able to  successfully hold down a growing and diverse career, maintain the married life and mature gracefully into motherhood— she proves to have the art of work life balance down to a need-to-know science.

Watch the best-selling author and television host discuss her newly-penned work with The Breakfast Club below: